Newly renovated campsite in 2023! Come and try the new experience!

Our commitments



A natural eco-managed site

At maeva Respire Domaine les Carrelets de Soulac,
we’re taking concrete steps to protect the environment
so we can provide responsible holidays in harmony with the nature around us.


Accommodation that’s made in France

Our accommodation at maeva Respire Domaine les Carrelets de Soulac is made in France. It’s designed using wood and other natural materials so it blends into the stunning landscape. In our accommodation, you feel like you’re in a peaceful little bubble that encourages you to be kind to yourself, and to treat others and nature with dignity.

Eco-friendly equipment

The accommodation is fully equipped for a comfortable stay that has minimum environmental impact with reversible air conditioning, water-saving taps, dual-flush toilets, LED lighting, and A+ and A++ electrical appliances.

Protecting biodiversity

We’re proud of the huge variety of flora and fauna in our region! We do all we can to protect our natural setting, using non-invasive plants, and bushes and trees that grow locally. We also put up nesting boxes for birds and shelters for small wildlife.

Organic locally grown produce

Our chef designs the menu using local (and ideally organic) ingredients.
The grocery shop also sells a wide range of produce that’s local and/or organic.